Friday, October 31, 2014

One with nature part 2

II know I said I'd post part 2 on the weekend but I just couldn't help myself! Look for part 3 on the weekend.

             I walked out the door to the back gate before I realized that I had forgotten something.

Sapphire and my white dress were the only things I had to remember Elsa by, and they were still in the castle!!!

Luckily for me, a friend ran out of the castle at that moment. "Scout!" I shouted. The family dog ran out barking and whining. I would miss him so much.

I petted Scout for awhile and then told him to find Sapphire and the white dress. He seemed to understand and ran off up the stairs. 

In a few moments he was back carrying my dress and doll in his mouth. "Is Elsa alright?" I asked him. He didn't answer because he is a dog. I petted him one last time and watched him running back into the castle.

After getting back up off the ground, I rolled up the dress and put it, and Sapphire, into my pocket. Then looking back one last time, I opened the gate, and left the castle grounds all by myself, for the very first time in my life.

I had never been outside the castle by my self before. It was so different to my regular life. Unfortunately for me, I didn't know my way around the town back then.

I was just sitting down to take a rest when a voice said "not lost I hope". For a moment I thought that it was a dragonfly. But then I realized that dragonflies had harsh voices, whereas this voice was clear like a bell, and very kind.

                                            "Who's there?" I asked the voice.

A girl about my age stepped out from behind the tree. "I am Shannis the mountain guide" said the girl. "I am Thalia" I said. 'A young mountain guide' I thought 'I thought all the mountain guides were as old as grandma'. 

                             "Would you be able to take me up the mountain?" I asked her. 

"Of course I can!" Shannis laughed "I have guided people since I was 2 and have continued for 10 years! I can take you to the top of the mountain in a week".

Once I decided she was safe, I sat next to her. "Aren't all the mountain guides 50 or 60 years old?" I asked her. "Nearly all of them" Shannis said, smiling. "Come to my tent, it's cold out here".

Once we were in the tent, she told me her story. "I was born in a settlement a day away from the mountain" she said. "My mother was a mountain guide herself at the time. I thought we were perfectly safe in the settlement, but then, the dragonflies came to the town and we had to leave the day before I turned 2. Then, on my second birthday, we climbed the mountain. For the rest of the year, my mother had to guide more and more people up the mountain, and since it wasn't safe for me to stay in the tent all by myself, I came with her. The second time we went up the mountain, however, I could remember exactly where to go, and it had been weeks since we had made our first journey. It was then that I discovered that I had a gift. I could remember any place I'd been to, even if I'd only been there for a few seconds. I continued going with my mother, but her eyesight started getting worse, and I had to help her find her way up the mountain. Then, when the people migrated again, I stayed here so I could keep on guiding my friends up the mountain."

                        "Not so many people have been coming, though" Shannis said, sadly.

 Then I told Shannis my story, of how nobody cared about me except Elsa, and how the dragonflies attacked the party at the castle and I had to run away from home.

As I looked down at Sapphire and the dress, which I had taken out of my pocket, I asked Shannis "what is up the mountain?". "Well I'm not sure" Shannis said "I think a monastery or a retreat of some sort". "Can I go there?" I asked her. "Of course! I will take you tomorrow" she said happily.

I looked outside through the tent door. The outside world looked dangerous, but somehow, I felt I could trust it. It was like déjà vu, I felt like I had had this experience before.

      Little did I know that some pretty strange things would happen the moment this journey began.






Today is Halloween. Sooooooo excited! This year I am going as a nymph. Sadly, my dolls don't have costumes, but I will show you some photos of them, since I just started posting a few days ago.

This is Rebecca. As you can see, she's still dressed like Thalia. This weekend I will post part two of "one with nature" I can't wait to start posting! 

This is Marie-Grace. She was Elsa from "one with nature" and is my newest American girl. Right now I'm saving to hopefully get either my first my American girl or Kanani. 

Merida is wearing soccer clothes. I guess she is going as a soccer champion for Halloween. The clothes look too big for her because they are meant for American girl dolls and not my first princess dolls.

Elissa is looking fine, except for the terrible state her hair is in. That's why she's wearing a hoodie. So no one will notice her dreadlocks.

Here's a fun fact. Shola's belt is actually a charm bracelet that I found in a bag of ag clothes that my bff Thalia gave me. If you look in the corner of the photo you'll see an arm. That belongs to the next doll.

Anna! She's soooooooo cuuuuuute! I think she looks just like the super young Anna in the movie, frozen. Which she is from. Hoping to get animators collection Elsa from the Disney store too. She is too cute to pass up.

Nora might look like a doll but she is actually a really huge keychain that I use as a doll! I got her in Hong Kong when I was nine. She's still adorable.

Poor Ivy! She's in the wheelchair because I wanted her to use it, but to make it more dramatic, I made it that she used to be able to walk but broke her arm and leg. She's also really depressed because she's been discontinued. 😫😫😫😫! 

Now we're on to the big leagues! This is the queen. She's soooooooooooooooo tall! She is like the mom doll that American girl never released! When I put Marie-Grace beside her, she looks about eight years old.

Ying Xing is my beautiful Chinese doll. I got her for my birthday this year. I opened a wrapper and felt the softest doll hair on this earth! She will be in "one with nature" at some point.

Man and boy! This doll is old! When I was ten, I really wanted a Chatty Cathy doll. We went online looking for patented and patent pending dolls, and came back with a prototype! She wasn't even that expensive, definitely cheaper that American girl dolls.

Now this is a special doll. I got her at the Olvera st market in LA. Her name is Eagle Hawk. Look at her necklace. Since I couldn't tell if it was an eagle or a hawk, I named her after both. Look for her in "one with nature". 

This is my oldest doll. This girl's older than my grandmother! She comes from Japan, and was given to a woman called Holly when she was my age. Many many many many years later, Holly gave her to me for my thirteenth birthday. Isn't she gourgeous? Unfortunately, since she's so old, her legs came off and I have to keep her in this shoebox. But someday we'll manage to restore her to perfect condition.

This was my doll collection, on Halloween! I hope you like them, look out for them in other posts. As soon as I work out how to use tabs, I'll add one called "my dolls". Anyone who bothers to read this blog, could you give me tips in the comment section? Thanks. 








Thursday, October 30, 2014

One with nature part 1

This is a new photo story series that I am working on. This is part 1. 

 My name is Princess Thalia Westmoore. This is my story. Let me tell you from the beginning. The very beginning, when I was just twelve years old.

I was sitting in my room all by my self except for Sapphire, my doll. My white party dress lay on my bed, but I didn't put it on. I hated parties. They were all for my sister and never for me. I know what you're thinking, you're thinking "wow she is so selfish", but that is not true. Everybody loved my twin sister Elsa, named after the queen of Arendelle. My mother publicized her the day we were born. She left me in shadow for most of my life.

                              I heard a knock on my door and sat up. "Who is it?" I asked. 

"It's me, Elsa" my sister's voice said from the hallway behind my door. "Let me in".

                                   "You can come in, the door is open" I said

Elsa came in and sat on my bed. "Why aren't you at the party? It's really fun, and why aren't you dressed?" she asked. 

                                    "I hate parties. You know that" I said to Elsa.

"Thali, you have to! They'll think you're rude if you don't show at the party! Your reputation is already pretty bad due to the dragonfly incident, imagine how much it would drop if they thought you're rude!" Elsa shouted. I hope you never will have to hear her shout.

I looked away. I could remember all too well the dragonfly incident. I had been outside when a dragonfly-airship landed near the cherry tree. And, having not heard my mother warning Elsa about the airships, I got in the backseat of the airship and it flew over town. Everybody saw me in the airship. Even Elsa. Elsa, luckily, warned the guards and stopped them from shooting down the airship with their arrow launchers. Instead, they flew up in their own air balloon and got me out of the dragonfly. 

"Don't be sad" said Elsa. "I'll go downstairs and tell everybody that you're sick and can't come to the party".

'I am sick' I thought. 'Sick of everybody thinking I'm in with the enemy'. Soon after Elsa left, she came back.

"Skooch" said Elsa as she took off her shoes. "I'm getting in there, too". I "skooched" as she said and she got in the bed. 

We talked for a reeeeeeeally long time, about girly things like kittens, dolls, hair, and boys. After a while Elsa finally said she would check and see if the party had cleared a little so we could get some hot chocolate from the chocolate fountain and maybe even steal a few cream puffs. She got out and went down the stairs.

In a few moments she was back, and she looked frightened. "What's the matter?" I asked her. "Dragonflies" she practically shouted. "In the castle. They're terrifying the guests, and they've taken nearly all the chocolate". When she said the word chocolate, she started to cry. Chocolate is her life. "We need to get out of here" I told her. "Now".

We walked down the hallway, but before we were at the back exit, Elsa stopped. "I need to stay and help the people" she said. "And you need to leave this place before the dragonflies find the hallway". "I'll miss you" I said to her.

                   Elsa ran downstairs and picked up the sword that was mounted on the wall.

                              I looked back at Elsa one last time and left the castle out the back.



Saturday, October 18, 2014


hey, u found my agdoll blog! Sorry if I don't post much. Sometimes I get distracted. But I will read my comments.