Friday, October 31, 2014


Today is Halloween. Sooooooo excited! This year I am going as a nymph. Sadly, my dolls don't have costumes, but I will show you some photos of them, since I just started posting a few days ago.

This is Rebecca. As you can see, she's still dressed like Thalia. This weekend I will post part two of "one with nature" I can't wait to start posting! 

This is Marie-Grace. She was Elsa from "one with nature" and is my newest American girl. Right now I'm saving to hopefully get either my first my American girl or Kanani. 

Merida is wearing soccer clothes. I guess she is going as a soccer champion for Halloween. The clothes look too big for her because they are meant for American girl dolls and not my first princess dolls.

Elissa is looking fine, except for the terrible state her hair is in. That's why she's wearing a hoodie. So no one will notice her dreadlocks.

Here's a fun fact. Shola's belt is actually a charm bracelet that I found in a bag of ag clothes that my bff Thalia gave me. If you look in the corner of the photo you'll see an arm. That belongs to the next doll.

Anna! She's soooooooo cuuuuuute! I think she looks just like the super young Anna in the movie, frozen. Which she is from. Hoping to get animators collection Elsa from the Disney store too. She is too cute to pass up.

Nora might look like a doll but she is actually a really huge keychain that I use as a doll! I got her in Hong Kong when I was nine. She's still adorable.

Poor Ivy! She's in the wheelchair because I wanted her to use it, but to make it more dramatic, I made it that she used to be able to walk but broke her arm and leg. She's also really depressed because she's been discontinued. 😫😫😫😫! 

Now we're on to the big leagues! This is the queen. She's soooooooooooooooo tall! She is like the mom doll that American girl never released! When I put Marie-Grace beside her, she looks about eight years old.

Ying Xing is my beautiful Chinese doll. I got her for my birthday this year. I opened a wrapper and felt the softest doll hair on this earth! She will be in "one with nature" at some point.

Man and boy! This doll is old! When I was ten, I really wanted a Chatty Cathy doll. We went online looking for patented and patent pending dolls, and came back with a prototype! She wasn't even that expensive, definitely cheaper that American girl dolls.

Now this is a special doll. I got her at the Olvera st market in LA. Her name is Eagle Hawk. Look at her necklace. Since I couldn't tell if it was an eagle or a hawk, I named her after both. Look for her in "one with nature". 

This is my oldest doll. This girl's older than my grandmother! She comes from Japan, and was given to a woman called Holly when she was my age. Many many many many years later, Holly gave her to me for my thirteenth birthday. Isn't she gourgeous? Unfortunately, since she's so old, her legs came off and I have to keep her in this shoebox. But someday we'll manage to restore her to perfect condition.

This was my doll collection, on Halloween! I hope you like them, look out for them in other posts. As soon as I work out how to use tabs, I'll add one called "my dolls". Anyone who bothers to read this blog, could you give me tips in the comment section? Thanks. 








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