Saturday, November 1, 2014

One with nature part 3

Here's part 3. I'm going to post part 4 today too, and tomorrow, part 5.
The journey went well for the most part. In the day we would travel and at night I would sleep while Shannis kept watch for danger. Then, at the moment the first light of day peeked a smidgemeter over the hills, we would continue our travel, stopping in towns to get food. Shannis even bought me a sleeping bag and pillow in one town.

Then, the morning we started towards the town nearest to the monastery, something strange happened. I was walking through the snow when I saw an animal in the distance.

The animal came closer. It was a grey wolf. The wolf looked right at me in an almost playful way. He wasn't in the least aggressive. I sat down in the snow and looked back at him.

The wolf made a whining noise that reminded me of Scout. The same noise Scout used to make when he was lonely. This made me realize that this wolf wasn't big or bad like the wolves in books, he was lonely. 

I sat down in the snow and he came even closer. Then something strange happened. He seemed to speak to me.  "Call me Spirit" the wind seemed to say. "Call me Spirit" seemed to be written in the clouds. "Are you Spirit?" I asked him. He looked at me in a way that said "wouldn't you like to know". 

After walking 3 miles, Shannis let us stop for lunch. Shannis didn't object to Spirit coming in the tent, but she didn't seem to enjoy having wolf hair all over her tent.

As we talked, Spirit seemed to understand everything we were saying. He seemed smarter than any animal I had ever met. Even smarter than Scout!

At noon the next day, I was sitting in the store when suddenly I heard a loud buzzing from the sky. A crashing noise told me that a dragonfly-airship had landed on the roof.

I hid in a corner with Shannis. "Why are the dragonflies always around this area?" I asked. "Because" Shannis said "they're following you".

"Why are they following me?" I asked her. "No time to explain. The monastery is a few miles up the mountain. You'll be able to run there through the forest behind the store" she said quickly. I didn't take any chances and ran out the door into the trees.





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