Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Famous People tag

W I have been nominated by Carli G. from American girl northwest to do this tag. So let's get started!

1. Who is your favorite singer or group?

2. If your favorite male actor was in the room right now, what would your reaction be?
If I had a favorite male actor, I'd probably run over and try to talk to him, but become speechless.

3. Is there a famous person you used to love, but suddenly changed your mind?
Just no...

4. Name a famous person that you like whose name starts with a V.
Ehrm..... Vannellope Von Schweetz?

5. What is one of your favorite red carpet dresses?
I don't watch red carpet on tv. Dad probably does though, he loves the newspaper.

6. Who is your favorite royal person?
Lorde! Jk Prince George is soooooo cute! I want to meet him!

7. Who was your favorite child actor/actress?
Hayley Mills! 

8. Is there an actor/actress you actually like the private life of?

9. Do you think the actors/actresses have improved over the last hundred years?
No. I miss Shirley Temple and Hayley Mills.

10. What do you think is the weirdest famous people name?
North. Kim Kardashian's daughter.

11. Do you think you look like a famous person? Which one?
No. No one.

12. Share your favorite famous person quote.
 "I like to base my fashion sense on what doesn't itch"- Gilda Radner

13. Who is your favorite dancer?
Uhhh dancer?

14. Why is your favorite actress your favorite one? When did you decide that she was your favorite?
Hayley Mills. The Parent Trap. 

15. Have you ever met/seen/been near a famous person?
Yes yes and yes.

And the question I am adding on is...
16. Who is your favorite YouTuber?
Presley Alexander from actoutgames! Watch Presley's channel, I dare you!

I will post the nominees in the comment section.