Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Omigosh I'm Excited!

Christmas is soooooo close! I cannot wait! Also, I am in a play soon, which makes me nervicited. Thanksgiving was so much fun! I went to a friend's house and met up with my friends Kiki and Kianna, both of which are much younger than me. We played a game where they were my pets and I was their owner that was invited to sleep over with the evil queen. Also, we wrote stuff on paper, and drew some pictures. I managed to get both the girls drawing Baymax! (Also I accidentally told them to spell it "Bymax"). We played some hide and seek, too. I hid with Kiki. We hid behind a door. Luckily she didn't find us for a while because Kiki told her to count to 200. Also, the day before Thanksgiving, I went to see Big Hero 6! It is my new favorite movie o---o. I hope my Christmas turns out that fun, and I hope that my bff Gaia can come over and review some dolls with me.

Merry early Christmas! From Rosa.

P.S it's raining right now, in the desert.

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